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For over ten years, Dr. Al-Kassem with his team have been providing our patients with efficient solutions for weight loss.

At Ontario Bariatric Clinic, we offer advanced surgical procedures and diet follow-up for long-term weight loss results, in order to provide you with the happy and healthy life that you and your family deserve. From the time you first step into our clinic, you will discover that our goal is to put our patients first before anything else.

A member of the team will always be available for you, dedicated to give you compassion, guidance and the best possible care. We will educate you about the optimal nutrition for your surgery, steps involved in your surgery, explain the need for exercise, educate you about the recovery, and tell how to keep up with your weight-loss maintenance after surgery.

Our skilled interdisciplinary team of an expert surgeon, knowledgeable psychologist, registered dietician, and dedicated surgical nurses are key to sustaining long-term weight loss and achieving successful outcomes for those who undergo bariatric surgery through our clinic.

We ensure that scheduled follow-up appointments are pre-booked with our doctors and registered dieticians for the whole year. We will give you all you need to ensure that your weight loss journey is successful and sustainable.

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