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Don’t let your financial situation come in the way to being fit!

We will help you finance the procedure of your choice! Have you decided to undergo a weight loss surgery? Are you well aware of the non-OHIP covered bariatric surgery costs?

Gastric Band is not covered by OHIP, and in many cases Gastric Sleeve is not covered unless Gastric Bypass surgery is not possible due to small bowel disease or previous surgeries. Not only does Ontario Bariatric Clinic come with a very comprehensive program, but we also offer the most reasonable prices!

The surgery package at our center costs between $17,000 to $19,000, depending on the procedure type, and whether it is a revision of previous surgery or not. This includes a sophisticated program with a strict diet plan and follow-up with your surgeon and dietician before and after the surgery!

Once you make your choice for the procedure that fits your needs, you can either pay for your procedure upfront, or you can search for a secure financial method to pay it in installments. Ask your bank account manager how he/she can help you, or contact your accountant to learn about the available federal tax credits that you can use to pay back some of the cost.

Our Ontario Bariatric Clinic staff are happy to connect you with an independent trusted company that specializes in financing medical procedures. At the end, our goal is to make your surgery of choice as affordable as possible!

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