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The information on this website should not be considered as medical advice offering. The content present on the website is generic and only in a summarized form. As it is provided only for informational and educational purposes, and to improve health care and enhance compliance with diet and other important key factors to maximize the surgery benefits. It is not intended to be considered as a substitute for a physician’s consultation and clinical exam.

Moreover, no medical advice from your physician should be disregarded or delayed because you read something related to it on the site.

The Bariatric Surgery information mentioned on the website is not specifically designed to replace any physician’s independent judgment about the indication or risk of a particular procedure. The website content is often updated as per advancements in the field. We are committed to provide the information to the best of our knowledge, to help you make the decision about your options.

Ontario Bariatric Clinic does not take any liability for the content provided on the site. Relying on the information mentioned on the website alone without your physicians’ consultation will be solely at your own risk. We reserve the right to discontinue or update any aspect or feature of the information at any time.

*Please note that the individual weight loss may vary from person to person for same procedures. Compliance with our program is necessary. Please call for more details.