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About Us

At Ontario Bariatric Clinic, we believe that exceptional care of the bariatric and metabolic patient is the result of a dedicated, accessible and expert team.

Our philosophy is that the patient should be seen at our clinic from the very beginning by an expert Bariatric Surgeon to study all related aspects of the patient’s health care needs. All obesity linked co-morbidities are thoroughly assessed and discussed by the doctor.


Patients are advised either to be deferred from surgery and seek an alternate medical and dietary route, referred to a center where they are deemed eligible for an OHIP covered bariatric surgery procedure, or we discuss their suitability for a weight loss procedure under our care.


Our skilled, interdisciplinary team of an expert surgeon, capable internist, registered dietitian, and dedicated surgical nurses is key to sustaining long-term weight loss and achieving successful outcomes for those who undergo weight loss surgery through our clinic.


Our strategy includes strict follow-up appointments that are pre-booked with the registered dietitian as well as the Bariatric Surgeon, scheduled for a minimum of 2 years, and beyond if needed. We provide physical and online meetings with our patients to suit their needs.

This exceptional follow-up routine is what allows our clinic to consistently produce desired outcomes.

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