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Successful Surgery is Just the Start

Our unparalleled 5-Year Aftercare Program ensures that you continue on the path to sustainable weight loss.

Ensuring Quality Patient Care and Experience

Welcome to Ontario Bariatric Clinic!

We are a clinic and hospital based program, designed to help you reach your health and weight goals.

We are different because we believe in having the candidate seen by our surgeon from the beginning. The patient will have ample of time to discuss and understand all surgical options, and whether he or she is qualified for the OHIP or private programs.

As one of the pioneer weight loss surgeons in Canada, Dr. Al-Kassem has gained a reputation for being a master of his surgical craft and producing outstanding weight loss results.

Why Choose Ontario Bariatric Clinic

Gastric Sleeve Recovery Time: 2 to 4 weeks and typically length of stay in hospital less then the Gastric Bypass

Risks and Complications: Gastric Sleeve has a lower risk of dumping syndrome, and way less potential bowel obstruction in the future

Gastric Sleeve is much more effective than the Gastric Band on the resolution of other health issues such as Diabetes, HTN or Sleep Apnea!

In the Gastric Sleeve: The surgeon removes a portion of the stomach, producing a tube-shaped stomach (sleeve). There is no bypassing of stomach or intestines, therefore less likely to have malabsorption with the Gastric Sleeve!

Weight Loss Results: Patients should expect with Gastric Sleeve to lose weight at a slower, steadier rate comparable to the Gastric Bypass and more than Gastric Band. In the first 12 to 18 months, you might lose 60 to 70 percent of excess weight on average.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from a person to another.

Expertise Matters

  • Dr. Al-Kassem is a Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgeon who has been practicing in Ontario, Canada for over 10 years.
  • Dr. Al-Kassem graduated in Medicine from the University of Damascus and completed his General Surgery training at the University of Ottawa.
  • He accomplished a clinical fellowship in Trauma at Foothills in Calgary. After showing leadership skills in Trauma, Dr. Al-Kassem was offered the position of trauma team leader at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.
  • He extended his Surgery skills and expertise by earning a MIS/Bariatric Surgery fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.

Why Patients Trust Bariatric Clinic

Quite simply, we’re good at what we do. Very good. We take each and every patient’s success extremely personally. 


Advanced surgical procedures

We offer advanced surgical procedures and diet follow-up for long-term weight loss results.


Dedicated staff


A member of the team will always be available for you, dedicated to give you compassion, guidance and the best possible care.



Skilled interdisciplinary team

Our skilled interdisciplinary team consist of an expert surgeon, knowledgeable psychologist, and a registered dietician


Scheduled follow-up

We ensure that scheduled follow-up appointments are pre-booked with our doctors and registered dieticians for the whole year


After Care, Reimagined

Masterfully performed surgery is just the beginning of your weight-loss journey. Incredible aftercare is critical for long-term success.

Nutrition Support after Surgery

Ontario Bariatric Clinic offers post surgery nutrition support by registered dietitians, who assist patients and families through program education, planning daily nutritional intake, and monitoring their overall nutritional well-being.

Stay in Touch with your Doctor Virtually after Surgery

Ontario Bariatric Clinic brings you the same great care you’ve come to expect, now from the comfort of your home. Through our virtual pre-scheduled appointments, you will connect with your surgeon and dietitian years after your surgery!

Medical Support by Obesity Board Specialists

Besides the fact that Ontario Bariatric Clinic provides you with a thorough post surgery follow up, we also have certified Obesity Board Specialists in case you experience any partial weight regain after initial weight loss, thus assisting you in keeping your great results and maintaining your well-being after your procedure!

Stay on top of your Vitamins and Nutrients

At the Ontario Bariatric Clinic, we believe in the holistic approach to achieve the best weight loss results. After your surgery, we keep a close eye on your vitamins and nutrients to avoid any potential deficiency and stay ahead of the game to maintain a balanced mineral and vitamin profile as you adjust your body to your ideal weight.

BMI Calculator


Patients whose BMI ranges between 30-50 are eligible for gastric sleeve surgery.

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